Grey Haven Acres


Photo Gallery



GHA gate 

Coming into Grey Haven Acres in Prescott, Arizona

Grey Haven in winter

Grey Haven in Winter

GHA summer rains 

After summer rains.

Outside of barn

outside barn with turnouts

Barn with 8 stalls and turnouts.

barn inside

Camera monitoring of stalls for medical boarding and foaling out.

arena riding misa vixen

Arena riding with Dr Dickinson (of Los Caballos Vet Service) and Vixxen.  Vixxen from Sovereign Farms.

Cooper and Alyssa

Alyssa Frainier leasing and riding Cooper.

GHA green w grazing horse

Grazing horse on grass pasture--there are two one-acre grass pastures, one one-acre boarding pasture and one two-acre boarding pasture.

katie and samwise

Pony rides are always fun!  says Katie on Samwise

logan and samwise

Logan on Samwise doing balance exercises with Dr. Misa Dickinson